The National Trust and Baystar LTD are proud to be working together to deliver an energy efficient, environmentally friendly heating solution to Basildon Park. A ground source heat pump system is being installed to provide heating within the Mansion house, North Pavilion & a future connection for the South Pavilion. It will reduce both the carbon emissions and the cost of heating it. This is one of several installations planned for London and the South East as part of the National Trust’s “Grow your own energy” strategy. It represents a long-term investment, securing a viable heating strategy for the future of Basildon.

An area of approx 110m x 80m within the parkland area in rear of Basildon Mansion will temporarily be excavated & 17,000mtr’s of 32mm plastic pipe will be installed to a depth of 1.5m. In total there will be 60 x 200m loops all connecting back to three manifolds. Header pipes run back to the ground source heat pump (GSHP) locations within the Mansion House and North Pavilion. Once the pipework has been installed the parkland will then be put back to its original state. The idea behind a GSHP is that heat transfer fluid is circulated around the 17,000mtr’s of pipe below the parkland & absorbs the low-grade heat from the ground (usually around 10 degrees C). This low-grade heat absorbed by the heat transfer fluid is then circulated through a heat pump within the plant room locations. Within the heat pump the fluid passes through a heat exchanger within the heat pump to evaporate a refrigerant gas. The evaporated gas passes through a compressor which then super heats the gas & passes through a second heat exchanger which passes the upgraded heat onto the heating & hot water circuits within the mansion delivering conservation heating to the existing radiators which protects the fabric of the building in place of the old inefficient oil boilers.

The majority of the visitor centre entrance currently has no wet heating system therefore it did not make sense installing further heating. However, there is a staff cottage attached to the old stable area which as part of the works is having an air source heat pump installed in place of the existing oil boiler. It was uneconomical to connect this area to the ground source collector due to the distance away from the collector area therefore an efficient air source was chosen.

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