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East Sussex


Ben Hardy Construction


Graham Moore Associates

An extensive estate in the South Downs, incorporating a village and farms.

The requirement was to take advantage of the availability of woodchip sourced on site, and provide sustainable and efficient heating to a collection of properties including the listed riding school used as a function venue, 2 flats and Firle Place itself.

Baystar installed a 400kW biomass boiler in a custom-built barn as part of a significant district heating system to connect the various properties. Baystar worked closely with an archeologist who monitored the groundworks due to the estate’s historical significance. Fluctuating demand on the system was overcome with controls throughout the properties, and heat meters were installed to measure consumption and efficiency going forward, including the sensitive humidity controls in the main house. Great consideration was given to the performance of the system due to works of art and antiquity within Fire Place.

A project of this size will earn circa £18,000 per annum in Renewable Heat Incentive payments for 20 years, and the fuel cost saving will be approximately 30%.

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