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East Sussex

A large manor house which is located next to the prestigious Glyndebourne Opera House.

Following a number of energy efficiency measures on the site, the requirement was to reduce the property’s reliance on oil, primarily for environmental reasons. A biomass boiler was the natural choice due the fact that woodchip can be locally sourced, and the potential to site a system in the old fire shed.

Baystar installed a 199kW wood chip fed biomass boiler including a feed system, alongside a district heating system to pipe the heat to the main house, the theatre’s organ room and a couple of rehearsal rooms, utilising existing radiator and hot water systems. It represented a challenging installation due to space and working restrictions in the existing building and being a public thoroughfare during the opera season.

A project of this size will earn c£16,000 per annum in Renewable Heat Incentive payments for 20 years, and the fuel cost saving will be approximately 20%.


Mr Gus Christie – Owner

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