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3 months


Roffey Park Institute


West Sussex

An internationally renowned leadership institute with accommodation and leisure facilities.

The requirement was to reduce the site’s environmental impact and heating costs. The amount of land onsite made them an excellent candidate for a ground source heat pump.

Baystar installed a 400 kW ground source heat pump system, providing heating and hot water for the main building and the leisure facilities through a quasi-district system. This halved the heating energy costs and provided a 60% carbon reduction. Following the installation, the management team decided that Baystar were the natural choice to undertake the hard facilities management of the site.

A project of this size will earn c£45,000 per annum in Renewable Heat Incentive payments for 20 years, and the fuel cost saving will be approximately 25%.


“We thought about this large ground source heat pump project very carefully, and decided to go ahead as the benefits outweighed any uncertainty. The groundworks were mildly disconcerting but everything has been reinstated perfectly. The pump gives us consistent heat at a touch of a button, its low maintenance and the swimming pool is a couple of degrees warmer than it was before! Our clients love it and are really interested in the cutting-edge green technology. Working with Baystar has been a joy, they’re very nice people and have always been on hand to help us every step of the way. Baystar are still with us, having now taken on our hard facilities management, and they’ve never let us down.”

Nigel Dean – Director of Services

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