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We install traditional solar PV and solar water heating systems in both domestic and commercial properties. Our experience in solar PV enables us to assist you in every step of the process, from selecting the appropriate system and gaining approval, to installing and monitoring the system. We carry out a complete assessment and provide an indication of the potential fuel savings from a solar PV system alone, or in conjunction with another system, and the potential Feed-In Tariff income.

We have worked on many solar PV installations, details of which can be found in the Projects section.


What is Solar PV?

  • Sunlight can be directly converted into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) cells – the electricity is then fed back into the grid, and this provision of electricity is rewarded with financial incentives
  • There are also solar water heating systems that absorb the energy from the sun and heat water stored in a hot water cylinder or feed into a heating system

Benefits of Solar PV

  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Lower energy bills in summer months

How much does it cost?

  • Costs depend on the type of solar PV being installed, your energy requirements and your available space for the panels – we can advise on this
  • Solar panels are eligible for the Feed-in Tariffs scheme – we can advise on this too

Solar PV suitability checklist

  • Is the property suitable?
  • Is there enough roof space in a sunny place?

Recent projects



Baystar completed the installation of a new, eco-friendly biomass boiler at Nymans in Sussex. The boiler will burn wood chips instead of oil, producing only one tenth of the CO² emissions that are produced by the current oil-fired system. The National Trust has employed sustainable energy experts Baystar to deliver the energy solutions for the

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